Want to recycle your old IT equipment ?

We'll come pick it up and do it for you!

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Want to recycle your old IT equipment ?

We provide fast, professional Remarketing solutions with a competitive pricing model for your used computers and IT equipment to help maximize your ROI


If you’re looking to maximize the value of your retired IT equipment, then let Reckon Data Systems’ remarketing experts work their magic. With over 20 years of experience building a diverse network of IT asset buyers who target all types of IT equipment – Computers, Servers, Hard Drives, VoIP, Printers, Scanners and more - we’ll make sure your equipment is resold for the best value possible. 

To maximize your ROI, we’ll provide you with a plan that best meets your individual and specific needs. Our competitive pricing model will help you to recover a portion of the resale value of the assets, or, in some cases, we’ll even purchase the IT equipment from you up-front.

Reckon Data Systems will not only remarket your IT assets, but we’ll come pick it up as well! Within 24 hours of your request for asset recovery, Reckon Data Systems will coordinate removal of your equipment from your location. Read more about it here, contact us, or submit your inventory for a quote by clicking the button below.

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