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Want to recycle your old IT equipment ?

We provide highly-secure, fast and convenient Data Erasure and Hard Drive Destruction services, as well as Computer Disposal, Company ID Removal, Remarketing, Storage, Sales and Redeployment services to Fortune 500 companies and more

Data Erasure

Nowadays, the importance of properly removing all data from hard drives and data disks before they are disposed or recycled cannot be overstated. Public exposure of your confidential data could easily lead to identity theft, increased liabilities, and a major decline in consumer confidence in your products and/or services.

Reckon Data Systems has been providing trusted data erasure services for over 20 years. Our data destruction process follows Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M standards to ensure complete removal of all data written to the disks. You can rest assured that your information is permanently deleted, and irrecoverable. A certificate of destruction is provided for each hard drive that completes our process.

US Department of Defense 5220.22-M Clearing and Sanitization Matrix
Magnetic Tape1
Type I a or b a, b, or m
Type II a or b b or m
Type III a or b m
Magnetic Disk
Bernoullis a, b, or c m
USBs(floppys) a or b b or m
Non-Removable Rigid Disk c a, b, d , or m
Removable Rigid Disk a, b, or c a, b, d , or m
Optical Disk
Read Many, Write Many c m
Read Only   m,n
Write Once, Read Many (Worm)   m, n
Dynamic Random Access memory (DRAM) c or g c, g, or m
Electronically Alterable PROM (EAPROM) i j or m
Electronically Erasable PROM (EEPROM) i h or m
Erasable Programmable (ROM (EPROM) k l, then c, or m
Flash EPROM (FEPROM) i c then i, or m
Programmable ROM (PROM) c m
Magnetic Bubble Memory c a, b, c, or m
Magnetic Core Memory c a, b, e, or m
Magnetic Plated Wire c c and f, or m
Magnetic Resistive Memory c m
Nonvolatile RAM (NOVRAM) c or g c, g, or m
Read Only Memory ROM   m
Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) c or g c and f, g, or m
Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) g q
Impact g p then g
Laser g o then g


a. Degauss with a Type I degausser
b. Degauss with a Type II degausser.
c. Overwrite all addressable locations with a single character.
d. Overwrite all addressable locations with a character, its complement, then a random character and verify. THIS METHOD IS NOT APPROVED FOR SANITIZING MEDIA THAT CONTAINS TOP SECRET INFORMATION.
e. Overwrite all addressable locations with a character, its complement, then a random character.
f. Each overwrite must reside in memory for a period longer than the classified data resided.
g. Remove all power to include battery power.
h. Overwrite all locations with a random pattern, all locations with binary zeros, all locations with binary ones.
i. Perform a full chip erase as per manufacturer's data sheets.
j. Perform i above, then c above, a total of three times.
k. Perform an ultraviolet erase according to manufacturer's recommendation.
l. Perform k above, but increase time by a factor of three.
m. Destroy - Disintegrate, incinerate, pulverize, shred, or melt.
n. Destruction required only if classified information is contained.
o. Run five pages of unclassified text (font test acceptable).
p. Ribbons must be destroyed. Platens must be cleaned.
q. Inspect and/or test screen surface for evidence of burned-in information. If present, the cathode ray tube must be destroyed.

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