Want to recycle your old IT equipment ?

We'll come pick it up and do it for you!

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Want to recycle your old IT equipment ?

We provide highly-secure, fast and convenient Computer Disposal, Data Erasure and Hard Drive Destruction services, which include onsite equipment pickup for fast turn-around

Computer Disposal

Did you know that improperly disposing of IT equipment, and in particular computers, can be a major hazard to the environment? Reckon Data Systems provides an economic, environmentally safe solution for recycling old, unwanted and/or broken computers for big and small businesses and organizations alike.

Our disposal process includes dismantling and separating each individual hardware component, and then grouping them by material for proper recycling (metals, glass, plastics, etc...). In addition to normal disposal, Reckon Data Systems will track each item’s make, model, serial number and any other customer required information to ensure proper chain of custody - from the moment we remove from your location through final disposition.

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